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shag +‎ -er


shagger (plural shaggers)

  1. One who shags.
    1. (slang) One who has sexual intercourse with many people.
      • 1997, The Bulletin, Issues 6061-6069, page 74,
        [] deracinated German, ace journalist and communist spy, compulsive cocktail drinker and serial shagger: the agent of penetration par excellence is engaging in sexual congress with a secretary from the German embassy in the Japanese capital.
      • 2006, Richard Hill, Richard Hill: The Autobiography, unnumbered page,
        ‘What do you want to be remembered for, being the best shaggers and drinkers or the best rugby players?’
      • 2007, Mick Quinn, Oliver Harvey, Who Ate All the Pies?: The Life and Times of Mick Quinn, page 69,
        There would be card schools, too, and when we overnighted the shaggers among the lads would be sniffing after everything in a skirt.
    2. One who catches and returns a ball, usually out of play; one who fetches played balls; one who fetches shot game.
      • 1980, Ken Dugan, Secrets of Coaching Championship Baseball, page 24,
        The shagger is placed in this position to avoid the danger of his being hit by a batted ball.
      • 1983, Bob Brister, Doves Galore, Field & Stream, page 61,
        As we arrived at the grainfield a covey of little Mexican boys swarmed in from all directions, waving and yelling and climbing on the bumpers, vying for jobs as bird shaggers. Birds were darting low over the vehicles and somebody got excited and started shooting right there, bringing the kids racing for the fallen birds, because whoever got one had a job for sure.
      • 1995, Mario Pagnoni, Gerald Robinson, Softball: Fast and Slow Pitch, page 100,
        As soon as the outfielder releases the throw to the shagger, a second ball is fungoed and the fielder must react quickly, [] .
      • 2011, Jim McLean, Tom McCarthy, The Complete Hogan: A Shot-by-Shot Analysis of Golf′s Greatest Swing, unnumbered page,
        He always had a shagger, a caddy who put the shag bag right in front of his feet.
  2. One who dances the shag; a jazz dancer.
    • 2012, Renee Wright, Myrtle Beach & South Carolina′s Grand Strand, Explorer′s Guides, unnumbered page,
      The first gathering proved so successful that SOS has expanded to a year-round schedule of events, including annual ten-day Spring Safaris and Fall Migrations, attracting up to 10,000 shaggers at a time, plus weekend gatherings in winter and summer.

Derived terms[edit]