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share +‎ holding


shareholding (not comparable)

  1. Owning shares.
    • 1846 June, “The B.G. and the N.G.: A Few Words on the Gauge Dispute”, in James Anthony Froude et al., Fraser’s Magazine for Town and Country, Number 198 Volume 32,[1] G. W. Nickisson, page 749,
      Such are the returns of profits on the broad and the narrow gauge lines, which £. s. d. submits to the consideration of the shareholding world—and of the Great Western shareholders in particular.


shareholding (plural shareholdings)

  1. The owning of shares
    • 2008, Mathias M. Siems, Convergence in Shareholder Law,[2] Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 144,
      Since in these countries shares are traditionally held directly by banks, other firms and the state, the problem of fiduciary shareholding arises less often.
  2. The amount of capital held as shares