she's apples

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From rhyming slang - apples and spice = nice. [1]


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she's apples

  1. (Australia, colloquial) Everything is all right, or in good working order.
    • 1989, Bill Pearson Six Stories, page 28,
      The other saw Mama-san; ‘She’s apples, Frank! We don't have to go any further. Here's Mama-sa’ waiting to turn it on for us! Konichiwa, Mama-san,’ he said enticingly.
    • 1997, Lee Chittick, Terry Fox, Travelling with Percy: A South Coast Journey, page 94,
      I'm no good now, I'm burnt out. I was real good but only got one good and one bad one. My leg, look! That's it! But the other leg, she's apples. And that's how it is.
    • 2003, Colleen McCullough, The Touch, 2004, Large Print Press, page 541,
      Sam checked what Theodora had assembled, nodded and unearthed a blowtorch from his tool bag. “Thanks, Miss Jay, she's apples,” he said, beginning to fill the blowtorch's reservoir with spirits.

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