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sheep +‎ shit


sheepshit (uncountable)

  1. (vulgar) The excrement of a sheep.
    • 1996, Ursula K Le Guin, Worlds of exile and illusion:
      And I am a green walnut, and you a fish, and those mountains are made of roasted sheepshit! Have it your way. Speak the truth and hear the truth.
    • 2002, Joseph O'Neill, Blood-Dark Track: A Family History
      He led me into a field bespattered with sheepshit. 'Here we are,' he said. 'Here's the old German camp.'
    • 2004, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Still Life with Crows
      Whiskey over here, amigo. What's this you've been feeding us, Hoss, boiled sheepshit?
    • 2004, Peter Temple, Identity Theory
      A croft in the Welsh wilderness, wind never stops howling, natives slathered in sheepshit and woad, incomprehensible tongue, nasty secessionist tendencies.