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From shelf +‎ -ie, by analogy with selfie.

A shelfie showcasing a collection of books.


shelfie (plural shelfies)

  1. (slang) A photograph of a bookshelf/bookcase taken by its owner and shared on social media.
    • 2013, Hector Tobar, "Hey everybody, let's 'shelfie!'", Los Angeles Times, 18 December 2013:
      Besides a feline closeup she’s placed on one shelf, and an opera mask on another, her shelfie shows a wonderful collection of books about music, including “The Rough Guide to Opera,” several biographies of Mozart and the history “Women Making Music.”
    • 2014, Dale Hrabi, "The Rise of the 'Shelfie': Instagram's Next Craze", The Wall Street Journal, 25 April 2014:
      She's certainly observed the rate at which people are posting shelfies on Instagram.
    • 2014, "Sharing your shelfie", Winnipeg Free Press, 31 May 2014:
      Some practitioners have tried to position the shelfie as "the intellectual's selfie," making it seem like some digital form of 17th-century Dutch still-life painting.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:shelfie.