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  1. present participle of shoe


shoeing (plural shoeings)

  1. The act of fitting an animal with horseshoes.
  2. (slang) A thrashing.
    • 2010, Ronan O'Gara, Ronan O'Gara: My Autobiography, ISBN 1409081494, page 85:
      Rags was on the wrong side of a ruck in a training exercise and Woody gave him a shoeing, just as you would to one of the opposition in a match situation.
    • 2013, James Dixon, The 3CW Encyclopedia, ISBN 1291394656, page 147:
      They jump the two babyface performers and give them a shoeing, only to get cleared out of the ring in double quick time.
    • 2015, Andrew O'Hagan, The Illuminations, ISBN 9780571273676, page 39:
      And he gave the IRA a right shoeing as well.