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shrink +‎ -er


shrinker (plural shrinkers)

  1. Something that makes something else shrink.
  2. (slang) A psychiatrist; a head-shrinker.
  3. (medicine) A sock-like article used to compress a stump remaining after amputation.
  4. One who shrinks or recoils.
    • 1881, Aston Leigh, chapter 4, in The Story of Philosophy, London: Trübner & Co., page 27:
      His peculiar character of shrinker from everything and every one, always retreating into his shell of contemptuous opposition as a snail into his shell, led, perhaps, to his rejection of ordinary phraseology, the simple mode of expression used by the million.
    • 1923, The Pharmaceutical era:
      Mr. Druggist, are you a shrinker? Hold a minute now — before getting excited. A late dictionary defines a shrinker in a general sense as one who recoils, or draws back fearfully from something dreaded.
  5. Something that itself shrinks.
    • 1956, Beverley Nichols, Sunlight on the Lawn, page 73:
      Sometimes I think that humanity is divided into two classes, the Shrinkers and the non-Shrinkers. If you are a Shrinker, you are able to diminish yourself at will, and to slip into the kingdom of Lilliput, not in the role of Gulliver,
    • 1996, Maurice J. Elias, Social problem solving: interventions in the schools, page 49:
      These can be called the Blaster (aggressive), the Shrinker (overly passive), or the Me (effective).
    • 1959 April 26, “Dieter or Wishful Shrinker?”, in Los Angeles Times:
      Are you a wishful shrinker? If you haven't dieted because you just plain like good food []

Derived terms[edit]