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  1. present participle of shuffle


shuffling (plural shufflings)

  1. The act or motion of one who shuffles.
  2. The noise created by something moving about.
    • 2011, John O'Loughlin, Two Sides of the Same Coin
      He would also have been exposed to the coughings and shufflings, comings and goings, questions and answers, wailings and slammings, snivellings and sneezings, etc., which figured so prominently in the reference room []
  3. (dated) trickery
    • Rudyard Kipling, Puck of Pook's Hill
      Then he warmed to it, and smoothly set out all his shifts, malices, and treacheries, his extreme boldnesses (he was desperate bold); his retreats, shufflings, and counterfeitings (he was also inconceivably a coward) []


shuffling (comparative more shuffling, superlative most shuffling)

  1. Moving with a dragging, scraping step.
    • Shakespeare
      A shuffling nag.
  2. evasive
    • T. Burnet
      a shuffling excuse