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Alternative forms[edit]


side +‎ swipe


sideswipe (plural sideswipes)

  1. A blow with the side of something, such as the side of car that is changing lanes incautiously.
  2. A catty or sarcastic remark.



sideswipe (third-person singular simple present sideswipes, present participle sideswiping, simple past and past participle sideswiped)

  1. (transitive) To give a blow with the side, as to strike with the side of a car when turning.
    • 2012, Curtis L. Alcutt, Fatal Intentions (page 175)
      In her haste, she sideswiped the 4x4 truck that was ahead of her as well as two other cars. “Help!” she yelled as she sped through the orange construction cones. “They're going to kill me!”