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sign +‎ -able


signable (not comparable)

  1. That can be signed (represented in sign language).
  2. Ready to have a signature affixed to it, as with a contract.
    • 2005, Anat Rafaeli, Michael G. Pratt, Artifacts and Organizations: Beyond Mere Symbolism‎, p. 272:
      Boilerplate contracts provide an easily modified template that can serve as a basis for drafting a final signable contract.
  3. Available for the posting of signs.
    • 1971, William R Ewald, Daniel R Mandelker, Street graphics: a concept and a system
      In commercial/industrial areas, wall graphics pertaining to commercial or industrial activities may occupy 40 percent of the signable area []
  4. (sports) Capable of being signed, or recruited by a sports club.
    a signable player