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From Arabic ثَلْج(ṯalj), from Proto-Semitic *ṯalg-. Maltese s- (instead of expected t-) may be due to irregular assimilation of [θ] to the following alveolar [l]. Otherwise it could be speculated that the form goes back to *šalj with š- from a Semitic substrate (as perhaps in xemx). The subsequent dissimilation š- → s- under the influence of following -j- would be less surprising (compare e.g. siġra).



silġ m

  1. ice
    • (Job 6:16, King James Version)
      Li jkunu mqallgħin bil-ħalla tas-silġ, xħin togħdos fihom il-borra.
      Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid.
  2. snow
    Synonym: borra