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Possibly from sileä with a substitution of the adjective ending (-eA ~ -kkA)


silkka (not comparable)

  1. sheer, solid, pure


Inflection of silkka (Kotus type 9*A/kala, kk-k gradation)
nominative silkka silkat
genitive silkan silkkojen
partitive silkkaa silkkoja
illative silkkaan silkkoihin
singular plural
nominative silkka silkat
accusative nom. silkka silkat
gen. silkan
genitive silkan silkkojen
partitive silkkaa silkkoja
inessive silkassa silkoissa
elative silkasta silkoista
illative silkkaan silkkoihin
adessive silkalla silkoilla
ablative silkalta silkoilta
allative silkalle silkoille
essive silkkana silkkoina
translative silkaksi silkoiksi
instructive silkoin
abessive silkatta silkoitta
comitative silkkoine
Possessive forms of silkka (type kala)
Rare. Only used with substantive adjectives.
possessor singular plural
1st person silkkani silkkamme
2nd person silkkasi silkkanne
3rd person silkkansa