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Alternative forms[edit]


single +‎ hearted


single-hearted (comparative more single-hearted, superlative most single-hearted)

  1. Having an honest heart; straightforward, free from duplicity.
    • 1835 April-July, Sydney Smith, “State of Parties, Speech of Henry, Lord Brougham, on the Address in the House of Lords, on Tuesday, 17 Feb, 1835”, in The Edinburgh Review Or Critical Journal, volume 61, page 248:
      There are two hundred and eighty men, perhaps more, in that body, as honest, straightforward, singlehearted reformers as ever were assembled within four walls.
  2. Devoted; unambivalent and dedicated.
    • 1996, Summary of World Broadcasts: Asia, Pacific, Issues 2771-2783:
      All this is a foolish trick of the South Korean authorities to impair the daily rising authority of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and undermine the great singlehearted unity of the people around the respected General Kim Chong-il ...

Related terms[edit]