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siren +‎ song


sirensong (countable and uncountable, plural sirensongs)

  1. Alternative form of siren song
    • 1974, Zack R. Bowe, Musical allusions in the works of James Joyce, page 296:
      As we have seen, Stephen identifies with the poet-hero, and Fergus's call becomes a sirensong for his mother.
    • 2007, Heath Lees, Mallarmé and Wagner: music and poetic language, page 110:
      and admitted ruefully that the same bewitching sirensong had also lured him in the past
    • 1999, David C. Jacobs, The presocratics after Heidegger, page 102:
      the mast to which Odysseus is securely fastened in order to resist the seductions of sirensong