six bob a day tourist

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Alternative forms[edit]


A reference to the soldiers′ pay of six shillings a day.


six bob a day tourist (plural six bob a day tourists)

  1. (Australia, historical, slang) An Australian soldier serving in World War I, especially a volunteer.
    • 1956, F. Eric Hitchins, Tangled Skeins: A Historic Survey of Australian Wool Marketing, page 81,
      On brief leaves, as a “six-bob-a-day tourist” during World War I, one had learned to love London, [] .
    • 1985, Janet Morice (editor), Six Bob a Day Tourist, Penguin, →ISBN.
    • 1990, Bill Gammage, The Broken Years: Australian soldiers in the Great War, page 11,
      He professed no sense of right, no statement of belief: he was a ‘six bob a day tourist’, and even in that age of conviction he was not alone.

Derived terms[edit]

  • tourist (abbreviated form also used during WWII)