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From skandināvs (Scandinavian) +‎ -isks.


skandināvisks (def. skandināviskais, comp. skandināviskāks, sup. visskandināviskākais; adv. skandināviski)

  1. Scandinavian (relating to Scandinavia or to the Scandinavian people, their languages and cultures)
    skandināvisks projekts‎ ― Scandinavian project (i.e., a project about Scandinavia)
    moderns un skandināvisks stils‎ ― modern, Scandinavian style
    ballīte ir kļuvusi skandināviska‎ ― the party has become Scandinavian (in style)


Usage notes[edit]

English “Scandinavian” as an attributive adjective usually correponds in Latvian to skandināvu, the genitive plural form of skandināvs. The adjective skandināvisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Scandinavian”), or in its adverbial form skandināviski.

Related terms[edit]