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Etymology 1[edit]

Respelling of a lax pronunciation of the final syllables of mosquito.


skeeter (plural skeeters)

  1. (US) mosquito


Etymology 2[edit]


skeeter (third-person singular simple present skeeters, present participle skeetering, simple past and past participle skeetered)

  1. Synonym of skitter
    • 1975, Frank Trippett, Child Ellen, page 342:
      They skeetered out and then made an elegant racing turn and skeetered directly into her.
    • 2010, Michael D. Langan, When I Was a Boy, →ISBN, page 25:
      The iceman skeetered here and there, with his brown gabardine trousers dripping over his work shoes and drooping from his hip-less waist.
    • 2011, Michael Asher, Sands of Death: An Epic Tale Of Massacre And Survival In The Sahara, →ISBN:
      Bullets skeetered across the rocks, snapping off fragments in deadly shrapnel bursts, gouging furrows in the serir around the advancing men.
    • 2018, Rosie Walsh, The Man Who Didn't Call:
      A twilight fox skeetered across the car park.