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  1. Underwear, particularly men′s underwear.
    • 2001, Joe Meno, How the Hula Girl Sings, 2005, page 165,
      Then she pulled his pants down around his knees. He had a pair of old gray-and-white tight skivvies on. They were worn and threadbare and tight around his groin.
    • 2002, Chuck Frazier, Decades, iUniverse, page 89,
      “I brought some jeans, a sweater, a heavy shirt, some thermal socks and some skivvies.” He replied.
      Skivvies?” A questioning look wrinkled her forehead.
      “Undershirts and underpants.” He explained.
    • 2002, James R. Kelly, Casting Alpha: Amtracs in Vietnam, page 86,
      Everyone in 2nd platoon had two pairs of boots, two pairs of utilities and several pair of skivvies, which served no purpose in Nam. No one wore skivvies because of the intense heat and it took only one case of heat rash, affectionately named “crotch rot,” to impress on us that skivvies were better suited as rags to clean weapons and tools.
  2. plural of skivvy