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Alternative forms[edit]


skull +‎ fuck


skull-fuck (third-person singular simple present skull-fucks, present participle skull-fucking, simple past and past participle skull-fucked)

  1. (vulgar, slang) to actively sexually penetrate someone's mouth; to have vigorous oral sex
    • 2003, Guy Willard, Suit of Lights
      I reached down and clasped the sides of his head. “I’m gonna skull-fuck you, faggot.” I began pumping myself into his mouth, ...
  2. (vulgar, slang) to sexually penetrate someone's eye socket
    • 2000, David Twohy, Pitch Black (film)
      Johns: Maybe to take what you got. Maybe to work your nerves. Or maybe he’ll just come back and skull-fuck you in your sleep.
    • 2002, David R. Williams, Killer Asylum
      “Gonna skullfuck ya bitch!” ... “Gonna ream yer sockets pig. With your eyes still in ‘em. Last thing your gonna see is my shaft coming at ya.”
    • 2003, Robert Rodriguez, Once Upon a Time in Mexico (film)
      Sands: You know that withholding vital information from a federal officer is a serious offence, especially when that officer has paid handsomely for it, and wouldn't think twice about ripping that patch off your eyehole and skull-fucking you to death.
    • 2005, J.P. Befumo, Ariadne's Clew
      One more word out of that foul nigger mouth of yours, and I’ll tear out your eyes and skull fuck you.
    • 2015, William Vitka, Live, From The End Of The World
      He had skullfucked a whore to death.


(penetrate someone's mouth): irrumate

Derived terms[edit]


skull-fuck (plural skull-fucks)

  1. an instance of skull-fucking