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From sky +‎ -ling.


skyling (plural skylings)

  1. A being from the sky or heavens.
    • 1899, Edward Livermore Burlingame, Robert Bridges, Alfred Dashiell, Scribner's Magazine ... - Volume 26 - Page 124:
      Our actor is either one whose ambitions lead him to hitch his wagon to a star and scorn all sublunary things, or one stolidly content to please — not the aristocratic groundlings, but the skylings.
    • 1962, Clifton Reginald Walker, Destination: Amaltheia - Page 60:
      For the first time I realised with amazing clearness that the sky was no blue expanse overhead but an abyss . . . and that we live in that sky stuck to a speck, the earth, and ought really to be called skylings, not earthlings. Miserable skylings!
    • 2006, Craig E. Waid, The Misadventures of M.a.d.s.: Lightspeed - Page 66:
      A Skyling suddenly swooped down and snatched Starz right off the ground and flew off.