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slam piece (plural slam pieces)

  1. A journalistic or other treatment which portrays its subject in a highly unfavorable manner.
    • 1983, Mark Goldman, High Hopes: The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York, University of New York Press (1983), ISBN 0873957350, page 274:
      The article, one paper said, was not a "slam piece, another one of those shots of bad national publicity about Buffalo."
    • 1991, Mayer Mitchell & Thomas A. Dine, "AIPAC's Action Alert", The Washington Post, 11 March 1991:
      Rowland Evans and Robert Novak have produced another "slam piece" about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee []
    • 1995, Adam Parfrey, Cult Rapture, Feral House (1995), ISBN 9780922915224, page 258:
      A Solider of Fortune slam piece sought to devalue Gritz among his own jingoistic constituency.
  2. (slang) A sexual partner with whom one has sex, without emotional attachment.
    • 2008, Arianne Cohen, "The Multi-Orgasmic Woman Test-driving a Potential New Boyfriend", New York Magazine, 11 February 2008:
      Discover gay roommate has just stumbled home from a night with his “slam piece.”
    • 2009, Steve Austin, "Lustful advice for the loveless", Cavalier Daily, 13 February 2009:
      Of course, there’s also the holy Facebook trinity — wall posts, messages (it makes him feel like you’re keeping a big secret, which sends the right message that you’re not above being the secret slam piece on the side) and the coup de grace — pokes (which let him know you’re not a prude and happy to make things physical).
    • 2011, Keith Merryman, David A. Newman, & Will Gluck, Friends with Benefits:
      Lorna: So, my daughter is just your slam piece?
    • 2012, Mike Lacher, On the Bro'd: A Parody of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Adams Media (2012), ISBN 144052906X,unnumbered page:
      Ricky was crashing with his slam piece Liana; he said she had a posse of hot friends and everything would be raw as hell.
    • 2012, Kelsey Castanon, "S**t nobody says at K-state: from parking praise to spring fever", Kansas State Collegian, 19 April 2012, page 4:
      Her straightforward messages of "meat is murder" and "every frat guy has a slam piece" really went over well with the student body.