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  1. present participle of slam


slamming (comparative more slamming, superlative most slamming)

  1. (slang) Great; awesome.
    • 2006, Brian Sloan, Tale of Two Summers (page 82)
      First off, how could I ever be a totally slamming, hot French expert on free-running. But, that technicality aside, I honestly don't want to be Henri.
    • 2007, A. Lopez, Great Falls (page 207)
      You could play while driving if wanted to. "Man, you have no idea how slammin' we would be driving into my neighborhood with these wheels. Just slammin'...."
    • 2008, Malín Alegría, Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico (page 28)
      It was totally slamming and reminded Sofi of an MTV spring break show.


slamming (plural slammings)

  1. The act of something being slammed.
    • 2011, John O'Loughlin, Two Sides of the Same Coin
      He would also have been exposed to the coughings and shufflings, comings and goings, questions and answers, wailings and slammings, snivellings and sneezings, etc., which figured so prominently in the reference room []