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sleep +‎ -aholic


sleepaholic (plural sleepaholics)

  1. (informal) A person who loves sleeping or has a tendency to oversleep.
    • 1974, John Wesley White, Future Hope, Creation House (1974), →ISBN, page 58:
      [] becoming "sleepaholics" — staying in bed as many as fourteen or even sixteen hours a night simply because they can't cope without a challenge.
    • 1983, Douglas Brode, The Films of Dustin Hoffman, Citadel Press (1983), →ISBN, page 14:
      In fact, the New York Theatre Scene outside the safety of the small apartment looked so intimidating that he became a sleepaholic as a means of avoiding it. Sometimes, he would sleep around the clock in order to avoid going outside []
    • 2000, Karen Rauch Carter, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect, and Happiness, Simon & Schuster (2000), →ISBN, page 106:
      Blocking the bed from first view not only helps avoid inviting too much sexual energy into one's life; it also helps if you sleep too much — so, sleepaholics take note as well.