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slogan +‎ -eer


sloganeer (plural sloganeers)

  1. (politics) Someone who makes and spreads slogans


sloganeer (third-person singular simple present sloganeers, present participle sloganeering, simple past and past participle sloganeered)

  1. (politics) To make and disseminate slogans; often contrasted with substantive debate
    • 2007 February 20, Michiko Kakutani, “The Silence of the Rational Center”, in New York Times[1]:
      At such times, the nuanced and expert advice of what they call the rational center — career professionals, scholars, analysts and others working in government and at universities and think tanks — is sidelined or ignored, while emotional sloganeering is amplified by 24/7 cable news and Internet chatter that prize raucous confrontations between fervent avatars of the right and the left.