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Apparently borrowed from Slovak Slovák (Slovak), probably via other European languages.


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slovāks m (1st declension, feminine form: slovākiete)

  1. a (male) Slovak, a man from Slovakia
    šaha turnīrā “RTU Open” uzvar slovāks Jans Markošsthe Slovak Ján Markoš won the chess tournament “RTU Open”
  2. (genitive plural) Slovak; pertaining to Slovakia and its people
    slovāku valodathe Slovak language
    slovāku nacionālā kultūraSlovak national culture
    slovāku komponists Jans CikersSlovak composer Ján Cikker

Usage notes[edit]

The forms with short a (Slovakija, slovaks, slovakisks, etc.) have been officially replaced by the forms with long ā (Slovākija, slovāks, slovākisks, etc.); they are, however, found in older texts, and still occasionally in present-day texts.


Related terms[edit]