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slut +‎ -ness


slutness (uncountable)

  1. (rare, sometimes offensive) The state of being a slut.
    • 1995, Michael Lane, Pink highways: tales of queer madness on the open road, page 67:
      Annie Sprinkle, the lover of men and women alike, the oversexed goddess who celebrates her slutness finally announces after an hour of packing, primping and phoning that she is now ready to leave.
    • 2010, Marshall Moore, Black Shapes in a Darkened Room, page 275:
      [] it had been long enough since the sexathon in Budapest that I had the energy for full-time slutness.
    • 2010, Mark Hunter, Love in the Time of AIDS, page 189:
      There is already a girl that I am involved with so stay away with your slutness.