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slut +‎ -dom


slutdom (uncountable)

  1. (sometimes offensive) The state or quality of being a slut.
    • 2007, Stevi Mittman, Whose Number Is Up, Anyway?, page 127:
      I don't really feel much like watching my descent into slutdom captured on tape after I've carried Lys back into her room.
    • 2008, Natale Stenzel, Pandora's Box (page 51)
      She thinks I'm one mass of inhibitions and hang-ups just because I prefer serial monogamy to perpetual slutdom.
    • 2011, The Best American Mystery Stories: 2011, page 42:
      [] while the whole table turned to the question of just what constituted sluttiness. Was it a matter of attitude? Of specific behavior? Was one born to slutdom, or was the status acquired? Was it solely a female province? Could you have male sluts?