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From snail mail, patterned on email.



smail (uncountable)

  1. (Internet, dated) Conventional postal mail; snail mail.
    • 1996 May 24, Richard Eymann, “SEEKIG[sic] HAPPY MEAL TOY TRADERS WORLDWIDE”, in rec.collecting, Usenet[1]:
      To receive this list by smail send self addressed stamped envelope
    • 1997 November 18, “SteveH1491” (username), “Trick Int'l smail address?”, in, Usenet.
    • 2000 August 5, “Robin” (username), “Re: Letter from india”, in uk.politics.misc and other newsgroups, Usenet:
      On a similar note just imagine if we could persuade companies that sending junk smail is hugely ineffective. All those people, using all that paper, printers, ink, postmen etc etc.
    • 2001 August 28, Tom & Rose-Marie Kerr, “Custom Rubber Stamp Needed”, in rec.crafts.rubberstamps, Usenet[2]:
      I would require a copy of the original image either by smail or email (scanned image requirement - 600 dpi min / jpg file) and the basic required size you would like the stamp/stamps to be.
    • 2019 April 26, Old Git, “Shoom!”, in, Usenet[3]:
      ... so when I get promoted I can promote my connection :-) It has now been ordered, I just have to wait for the connection pack to be sent by smail.
    • 2002 July 15, “Thor” (username), “Looking for Maisto On Track Diescast Trains”, in rec.models.railroad, Usenet:
      If anyone knows a smail order or internet vendor who carries them, please let me know ¶
    • 2009 May 26, Robert, “anybody ordering online?”, in alt.smokers, Usenet[4]:
      You must give the seller access to your checking account, which is risky, or send funds via smail, which is slow.


smail (third-person singular simple present smails, present participle smailing, simple past and past participle smailed)

  1. (Internet, dated) To send by postal mail.
    • 1993 December 21, Patty Cravener, “medline”, in, Usenet[5]:
      You can retrieve the references and go to lib. to get the articles, order the articles to be smailed to you from NLM, or download them to your fax machine
    • 2002 May 27, Dick Harper, “WREVEL: Lutefisk alert”, in misc.writing, Usenet[6]:
      I sent some key lime seeds to Davida last year by US Mail. IIRC, the cost of smailing few seeds was 4 or 5 bucks. --Dick.
    • 2002 November 26, Dan Logcher, “how do I get rid of this pest?”, in, Usenet[7]:
      He met her on IRC and she started emailing, then smailing, then calling on the phone
    • 2004 July 30, Al Firan RumaiDin, “Re: ot! - ms office upgrades??”, in, Usenet[8]:
      I eventually stopped trying this bloated crud, and rang the Department to smail me the docs. [] I gave up and got a friend to get me the documents in person from that office.