small-d democrat

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Alternative forms[edit]


small-d democrat (plural small-d democrats)

  1. A democrat, that is, a person who holds democratic views; not necessarily someone who is a member of a country's "Democratic Party".
    Coordinate term: small-r republican
    • 2022, Gary Gerstle, chapter 5, in The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order [] , New York: Oxford University Press, →ISBN, Part II. The Neoliberal Order, 1970–2020:
      To read his memoir of those years, Locked in the Cabinet, is to feel the sting experienced by this talented, innovative, and principled small “d” democrat as he was repeatedly shoved aside on economic issues by Rubin, Bentsen, Panetta, and, of course, the grand vizier himself, Alan Greenspan.