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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Pennsylvania German Schmierkaes.


smearcase (uncountable)

  1. (US, Pennsylvania, especially Pennsylvania Dutch English) Cottage cheese.
    • 1909, Eva Greene Fuller, The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book: 400 Ways to Make a Sandwich, page 108:
      GERMAN CLUB SANDWICH: Thin slices of pumpernickel, rye, and white bread are used for this sandwich. Rub half a pound of smearcase until smooth, add three tablespoonfuls of thick cream and two of melted butter; season with pepper and salt. Spread some of this cheese mixture on a buttered slice of pumpernickel bread, followed by a slice of rye covered with cheese, covered with a slice of buttered white bread. Garnish with slice of pickle.


  • Hyams and Rodman Fromkin, An Introduction to Language, seventh edition, page 451 (documents use in West Virginia and Pennsylvania)