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smell +‎ -o- +‎ meter


smell-o-meter (plural smell-o-meters)

  1. (informal) That which registers the magnitude of odor.
    • 1993 May, Anne M. Turner, It Comes with the Territory: Handling Problem Situations in Libraries, page 10, McFarland & Company
      Perhaps the American Library Association should commission high tech wizards to develop a "smell-o-meter" which could standardize our judgments.
    • 1997 May 7, William Greene,, Usenet
      Somebody needs to invent a "smell-o-meter" for gyms
    • 2003 November, Shawn Perich and Michael Furtman, Whitetail Hunting: Top-Notch Strategies for Hunting North America's Most Popular Big-Game Animal, page 13, Creative Publishing international
      In other words, the wolf scent that is old, though it registers on the deer’s “smell-o-meter,” causes a far different behavioral reaction than one that is fresh.