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smell-o-rama (plural smell-o-ramas)

  1. (informal) A fictional name for technology that reproduces odor.
    • 1995 May 15, John Simon, “Wings of Courage”, National Review
      Scoffers will duly scoff as they did at sound, color, and wide screen. On the other hand, Smellorama did not catch on -- most movies manage to smell without it.
    • 2000 September, L. B. Sedlacek, Suicide Pumpkins: A Love Story, page 86, Xlibris Corporation
      I inhale slowly not wanting to miss any ounce of nature’s freely provided version of smell-o-rama.
    • 2002 October, Reginald E. Zelnik and Robert Cohen, The Free Speech Movement: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s, page 188, University of California Press
      At the end, I had managed to transform my humiliation into a triumph of smell-o-rama weaponry. I wore my odors now as a badge, a rite of passage
    • 2003±, David R. Ambos, Letters from The Nude Lake (and other Historic Monuments), page 137, Trafford Publishing
      the 4:44 Geary is one of the few buses also produced in Full Stereophonic Smell-O-Rama.
    • 2006 May, Richard Grayson, And to Think That He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street, page 136,
      The cashier gave us Smell-o-rama cards with scratch-n-sniff odors like sweaty sneakers and shit.

Usage notes[edit]

Capitalization varies according to the author’s intention as a faux brand