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Alternative forms[edit]


From Russian собо́рность (sobórnostʹ).


sobornost (uncountable)

  1. (philosophy, theology) A unity of people in loving fellowship.
    • 2004, James H Billington, Russia in Search of Itself, p. 146:
      Some post-Soviet writers see sobornost’ as a – if not the – defining element in giving distinctiveness to Russian civilization.
    • 2007, Paul Haffner, Mystery of the Church, p. 132:
      Sobornost signifies the essentially extrapersonal (supra-personal) and a-temporal nature of aesthetic consciousness.
    • 2009, Diarmaid MacCulloch, A History of Christianity, Penguin 2010, p. 851:
      Key to his thought was a concept which has become central to modern Russian Orthodox thinking, Sobornost’, the proposition that freedom is inseparable from unity, communion or community.