social entrepreneurship

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social entrepreneurship (uncountable)

  1. The application of the principles of business entrepreneurship—including risk-taking and ingenuity—to social causes.
    • 1970, Study Group on an Institute for Applied Science and Social Change in a Rural Area, A National Rural Center: Applying Science to Improve the Quality of Rural Life[1], National Research Council (U.S.), Division of Behavioral Sciences, National Academy Press, page 40:
      Development of social entrepreneurship should be a prime objective of the National Rural Center and regional centers.
    • 1987, John Icki, “Structural Issues Related to Delivery Systems”, in Organizing for Effective Family Planning Programs[2], National Academy Press (Working Group on Family Planning Effectiveness), page 154:
      This social entrepreneurship has been particularly important in the expansion of traditional services by private associations, and in the introduction of community and commercially based distribution projects.
    • 2008, Marc Freedman, Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life[3], Westview Press, →ISBN, page 174:
      Social entrepreneurship, once thought to be mainly the province of the young, turns out to be a path to vibrant encore careers for many people.

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