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so- (thematic) + -di- (thematic) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -l- (classifier)-yin (durative imperfective stem of root -YĮĮD, “to be holy”).

Classifier and stem initial undergo special combination: -l- + -yį́į́h = -zį́į́h



  1. he/she prays, is praying


Paradigm: Durative (Ø/yi).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person sodiszin sodiilzin sodadiilzin
2nd person sodílzin sodołzin sodadołzin
3rd person sodilzin sodadilzin
4th person sozhdilzin sodazhdilzin
PERFECTIVE¹ singular duoplural plural
1st person sodeeszin sodiilzin sodadiilzin
2nd person sodíínílzin sodoołzin sodadoołzin
3rd person sodoolzin sodadoolzin
4th person sozhdoolzin sodazhdoolzin
PERFECTIVE² singular duoplural plural
1st person sodeeszįįd sodiilzįįd sodadiilzįįd
2nd person sodíínílzįįd sodoołzįįd sodadoołzįįd
3rd person sodoolzįįd sodadoolzįįd
4th person sozhdoolzįįd sodazhdoolzįįd
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person sodideeszįįł sodidiilzįįł sodadidiilzįįł
2nd person sodidíílzįįł sodidoołzįįł sodadidoołzįįł
3rd person sodidoolzįįł sodadidoolzįįł
4th person sozhdidoolzįįł sodazhdidoolzįįł

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