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soger (plural sogers)

  1. (dated) A poor or lazy hand on a sailing vessel.
    • 1834, Richard Henry Dana, Two Years Before the Mast:
      The captain called him a "soger," and promised to "ride him down as he would the main tack;" and when officers are once determined to "ride a man down," it is a gone case with him.
    • a. 1900, “Hanging Johnny”, in Ivan Walton et al., editors, Windjammers: Songs of the Great Lakes Sailors[1], published 2002, page 66:
      I'd hang a lazy soger / The same as any other.
    • 1902, Louis Becke, The Jalasco Brig[2], page 82:
      Come aft, you lazy soger, an' see what de captain has to say 'bout dis," cried Worcester, pushing the man, who still grasped his knife, before him []
  2. (chiefly Scotland) Eye dialect spelling of soldier.


soger (third-person singular simple present sogers, present participle sogering, simple past and past participle sogered)

  1. (dated) To shirk; to neglect one's work.


Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


soger f

  1. indefinite plural of soge