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From somato- +‎ -type.


somatotype (plural somatotypes)

  1. A particular type of physique; originally, one of the types defined by William Herbert Sheldon: ectomorphic, endomorphic, mesomorphic.
    • 2009, Jeremy Mynott, chapter 2, in Birdscapes, Princeton and Oxford: Princeton, page 46:
      The relevant characteristics here are the upright posture, the big round head, the cuddly size and the soft dumpy shape. I suppose the much-loved Bill Oddie is the same somatotype.


Related terms[edit]


somatotype (third-person singular simple present somatotypes, present participle somatotyping, simple past and past participle somatotyped)

  1. (transitive) To classify (a person) by physical build.
    • 2016 January 20, “Black and Hispanic Men Perceived to Be Large Are at Increased Risk for Police Frisk, Search, and Force”, in PLOS ONE[1], →DOI:
      Apart from Masicampo et al. and Cullinane et al., no previous research has analyzed suspects’ perceived body size and police practices, though past theories of biology and crime, such as Sheldon's somatotyping of criminal behavior as well as several recent studies assess the relationship between individuals’ body type, height, and weight and likelihood of committing crime and being arrested.