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From Hindi/Urdu सवार (savār)/سوار (savār), from Persian سوار (savâr, horseman).


sowar (plural sowars)

  1. (historical, India) A soldier on horseback, especially one during the British Raj.
    • 1897, Frederick Sleigh Roberts, Forty-one years in India[1]:
      Among the latter was Hope Grant, who had his horse shot under him in a charge, and was saved by the devotion of two men of his own regiment (the 9th Lancers) and a Mahomedan sowar of the 4th Irregular Cavalry.
    • 1910, Charles John Griffiths, A Narrative Of The Siege Of Delhi[2]:
      Hills was struck down badly wounded, and was on the point of being despatched by a sowar, when Major Tombs, hearing the noise, rushed out of his tent, and seeing the plight his subaltern was in, fired his revolver at thirty yards and killed the sowar.