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spae-craft (uncountable)

  1. (paganism) The magical art of foretelling the future, used especially in Heathenry.

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  • 1993 Our Troth, the Ring of Troth and other true folk, →ISBN, page 570.
    Twelfth Night is particually a time fo fore-tellings; if there is a skilled rune-reader or someone with spae-craft in the group, this is when they should cast or speak for the year ahead.
  • 1994 Teutonic Magic, Kveldulf Gundarsson, Llewellyn Publications, →ISBN, page 216.
    The greatest tools of spae-craft seem to have been the staff and the hooded cloak.
  • 1997 Lina Volume 3, issue 1 (Heathen Journal), Elmindreda Pukwdugie, Winifred Hodge.
    I have the privilege of having a very wise and kind idis, Ealgitha, who teaches me spaecraft and other things.