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Alternative forms[edit]


speed +‎ freak


speedfreak (plural speedfreaks)

  1. (slang) An addict or habitual user of amphetamines, methamphetamines, or similar stimulating drugs.
  2. (slang) A person who enjoys driving, riding motorcycles, etc. at high speeds.


  • 1973, Richard Mills, Young Outsiders: A Study of Alternative Communities, Pantheon Books: 1973, page 58:
    Jimmy: the journal of a speedfreak I have been around the West End two or three years....
  • 1984, Kenneth Blum, Handbook of Abusable Drugs, Gardner Press: 1984, page 312:
    Their level of abuse is holding steady, and the intravenous injection of large amounts, the speedfreak phenomenon noted during the 1960's, almost has disappeared.
  • 2004, Carol Clerk, The Saga of Hawkwind, Omnibus Press: 2004, page 100:
    New boy, new speedfreak, sings song in two takes.... 'The speedfreak upstart - how dare he? Why isn't it me?


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