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spelling +‎ pronunciation


spelling pronunciation (plural spelling pronunciations)

  1. A pronunciation that has been modified from its traditional form in order to reflect the spelling of the word in question.
    • 1988, D. W. Cummings, American English Spelling: An Informal Description, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, →ISBN, page 23:
      Jespersen ([1909] 1954) says that spelling pronunciation has affected the pronunciation of all the following words: second (1:25); nephew (1:42); theater, apothecary, catholic, throne (1:45); humble, host, inherit, heretic, heresy, homely, hypocrite, hypocrisy, hospital, heritage, heritor, humor, hermit, hotel (1:61–62); novel (1:91), periwig (1:105); registrar (1:198); assoil, precise (1:204); wassail (1:268); fault, vault, assault, Walter, altar, fealty, moult, cauldron, baldric, herald, ribald, emerald, soldier, falcon, realm (1:295–97).

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