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spermoderm (plural spermoderms)

  1. (botany, archaic) A seed coat or testa.
    • 1835, John Lindley, A Key to Structural, Physiological, and Systematic Botany[1], Longman et al. (publishers), page 35:
      In the seed these membranes are called by various names, of which the most frequently used are spermoderm or testa for the primine; mesosperm, for the secondine; and endopleura for the other.
    • 1851, John Hutton Balfour, Manual of Botany, Second Edition, John Joseph Griffin and Co., page 275:
      [] The general covering of the seed is called spermoderm (σπέρμα, seed, and δέρμα, covering). [] The Spermoderm usually consists of two parts, an external membrane, called the episperm or testa (ἐπί, upon, or on the outside, and σπέρμα, a seed, or testa, a shell), and an internal membrane, called endopleura (ἔνδον, within, and πλευρά, side).