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From Latin spintria ‎(male prostitute), from Ancient Greek σφιγκτήρ ‎(sphinktḗr, something which binds), referring to the anal sphincter.



spintrian ‎(comparative more spintrian, superlative most spintrian)

  1. Of or pertaining to sex or fornication (especially homosexual) between three or more people.
    • 2001, Bette Talvacchia, Taking positions: on the erotic in Renaissance culture[1], ISBN 9780691086835, page 250:
      There is a Pompeiian fresco with a spintrian grouping of three, composed of a heterosexual couple similar to that in scenes 7-15 (see n.48, above) with the addition of a male-male joining; see Maulucci Vivolo, Pompei i graffiti, 118.