spy hop

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spy hop (plural spy hops)

  1. Alternative form of spyhop
    • 2002, The Irish Naturalists' Journal, volume 27, page 189:
      Three of the spy hops were observed in quick succession on one evening at 22.45ish. On that occasion the male rotated 45° after each spy hop.
    • 2011, Sharon Hamblin, Oahu's North Shore, Hunter Publishing:
      Or you might see a spy hop, where the whale rises straight up out of the water, often turning 90-180 dgrees before slipping back down.
    • 2012, James Doyle, A Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters with Skill & Daring, Gibbs Smith, page 142:
      Would you know what to do if you witnessed the spectacular sight of a whale “breaching”? Could you tell the difference between a “spy hop” and “lobtailing”?


spy hop (third-person singular simple present spy hops, present participle spy hopping, simple past and past participle spy hopped)

  1. Alternative form of spyhop
    • 1992, Ross Isaacs and Tina Dalton, The Australian Guide to Whale Watching, Weldon, page 22:
      Humpbacks have inquisitive natures and will regularly spy hop to look at their surroundings, often around whale-watching boats.
    • 1997, Randy Frahm, Wildlife of North America: The Humpback Whale, Redbrick Learning, page 9:
      Humpback eyes are on the sides of their heads. They cannot always see things in front of them. Because of this, humpbacks spy hop when boats are close to them.