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From squat +‎ -ocracy.


squattocracy (usually uncountable, plural squattocracies)

  1. (Australia, historical) Wealthy landowners (squatters) considered as a class.
    • 1862, Clara Aspinall, Three Years in Melbourne, 2010, Forgotten Books, page 235,
      Most of the Squattocracy are members of “The Club,” and therefore know who are the chief agreeable idlers (I mean gentlemen who are not oppressed with business) to whom to introduce a stranger.
    • 2005, Rosamond Siemon, The Eccentric Mr Wienholt, University of Queensland Press, page 206,
      They held respected positions and wielded power in country towns, but in the wider district the pastoral squattocracy was still considered powerful and important. That attentive second echelon of society liked, where possible, to be seen to be associated with the squattocracy.
    • 2010, Tony Moore, Death Or Liberty: Rebels and Radicals Transported to Australia 1788-1868, unnumbered page,
      The prejudices of the home counties squirearchy had clearly taken root among the Australian squattocracy.

Usage notes[edit]

Used to refer to the political and social power of squatters who had become rich exploiting illegally occupied Crown land.

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