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squee (third-person singular simple present squees, present participle squeeing, simple past and past participle squeed)

  1. (informal) To squeal with excitement or delight.
    • 2011, "Spartakus", Anti-abortion terrorism nipped in the bud in Madison, WI (on newsgroup talk.abortion)
      Meanwhile on Usenet, a couple of anti-choicers are racing to out-stupid each other, squeeing like school children over something someone said.
    • 2012, Male Cat Stays By Female Cat's Side In Sickness And Health, Huffington Post
      On Tuesday, Reddit user lern41 got the Reddit community squeeing when he posted a few photos of his pet cats, Artemis and Apollo.



  1. (informal) A squeal of excitement or delight.
    • 2001, "Susan", I got a hamster! Squee! (on Internet newsgroup alt.fan.digimon)

Usage notes[edit]


squee (plural squees)

  1. (informal) A cry of squee.
    • 2008, Dale North, JapanaTen: The top ten things anime cons could do without
      It's just that the young female group squees seem to come at the most inopportune time. Sure enough, just about every time I'm on the phone — squee. Talking to someone important? Squee.