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Alternative forms[edit]


squire +‎ -archy


squirearchy (plural squirearchies)

  1. The landowning gentry.
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, “3”, in Babbitt:
      Now, as one of the squirearchy, greeted with honorable salutations by the villagers, he marched into his office, and peace and dignity were upon him, and the morning's dissonances all unheard.
    • 1930 [Cambridge University Press], G. G. Coulton, The Medieval Scene: An Informal Introduction to the Middle Ages, 2000, Dover, page 37,
      We may characterise medieval village government not unfairly as squirearchy, though often a benevolent squirearchy enough, just as the squirearchy of the eighteenth century was often benevolent also.
    • 1972, James A. Burkhart, Samuel Krislov, Raymond Lawrence Lee, American Government: the Clash of Issues, Prentice-Hall, page 92,
      For many years a combination of rural squirearchies and business interests held tight control of most state capitols.

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