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squish +‎ -er


squisher (plural squishers)

  1. One who, or that which, squishes.
    • 2012, John C. Gallagher, The Blood-Dimmed Tide Is Loosed (page 364)
      In due time fair Kaitlin will graduate to the rigors of Grandma Hannigan's school of culinary arts, where careless cookie dough squishers are cut no slack and even the cutest giggle will merit nothing more than a slightly raised grandmotherly eyebrow.
    • 2012, Michael Byrnes, Harvest of Greed (page 4)
      Now there were blogs. Was this the dismal future of journalism? Or was the real message that we had never needed all those painstakingly-constructed sentences after all? That the Internet had become the ultimate squisher of pedantry world-wide?