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stalk +‎ -y



stalky (comparative stalkier, superlative stalkiest)

  1. Long and thin, like a stalk of a plant.
    • 2008 May 8, Mike Albo, “Backstage All-Access Passwear”, in New York Times[1]:
      An adorably gangly salesman with stalky black hair and a cough (“I’m giving up smoking, and it’s all coming up”) set up a dressing room for me, and I tried on a black tux shirt with a subtly embroidered bib ($185), a soft ivory-colored jersey ($135) and an olive-green button-front shirt ($165).
  2. Of a plant, having stalks.
  3. (informal) Resembling or characteristic of a stalker.
    a stalky ex-boyfriend

Derived terms[edit]