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starch +‎ -ly


starchly (comparative more starchly, superlative most starchly)

  1. (rare) In a starched or starchy manner; stiffly, formally
    • 1969, The Numismatist, volume 82, page 1496:
      Starchly Crisp; hole cancelled
    • 2001, Sandra Dallas, Alice's Tulips: A Novel[1], page 116:
      I did not see that quilting made me a Jake, and I replied starchly, "Madam, I purchased these fabrics on my walk just now."
    • 2007, Alex Haley, Roots-Thirtieth Anniversary Edition: The Saga of an American Family:
      But then, as Bell told Kunta later, from the moment the first carriage arrived, Missy Anne suddenly had acted as if she didn't even know the starchly uniformed aproned Kizzy, who kept circulating among the guests bearing trays of refreshments, “till de po' chile come bustin' in de kitchen cryin' her eyes out.”